Women Investors Real Estate Industry

There are four reasons women are under-represented as real estate investors: confidence, time, lack of support network, and social biases.

Women seem to be less confident than men with their knowledge and skills of the real estate industry. They are less outspoken, and they tend to freeze up when it is time to act. They easily doubt themselves and often question what should be done next.

Women have a hard time with balancing their time. Especially if they are a wife or a mom. Realistically, the priorities of her family will come first which means time for real estate will be placed on the back burner.

Lack of Support Network
Women crave support from others, but in this industry, women are not always supported.

Social Biases
Women must work a little harder than men as salesman. Often, buyers will question women more than they will men because they don’t feel women have as much knowledge. Although both men and women should be treated equal, there are still some stipulations occurring.

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