What Needs To Be Set In Place To Sell A Home Of A Deceased Parent?

Dealing with a death in the family can be an incredibly difficult and sensitive matter. In the midst of grieving, one of the last things that one wants to deal with is trying to figure out what to do with the assets of the deceased. Hopefully, the deceased left behind a Last Will and Testament that will make the process easier on the living family members. If not, the property will be distributed per Florida Statutes. Either way, there are many things that the family must consider.

If the deceased passed away with a valid will or testate, then the real estate passes to the beneficiaries pursuant to the instructions under the will.

  • Does the home have a mortgage?
  • Do all the beneficiaries want to sell the home?
  • If so, are there realtors who specialize in probate?

Contacting an attorney you trust will help you answer questions like these and many more.

For information on how to sell the home of a deceased family, contact the Martin Law Group, P.L. for a consultation. We help reasonable people redefine family!

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