What happens, if there is another extension of the moratorium

If Florida Governor Ron DeSantis extends the Florida’s Eviction Moratorium another month, many landlords could face financial challenges. This past month, changes to the order explicitly allowed eviction filings to resume specifically some residents that are not impacted by COVID-19.

Some housing advocates interpreted that as meaning landlords were not allowed to start filing, but many landlords could start the eviction process. Landlords will need to be creative with their legal approach of filing and must understand the law. Some countries are have put together diversion programs to help prevent an onslaught of eviction filings. Just remember, there is no Moratorium on suing people for rent but we should know soon. If Florida Eviction Moratorium is extended it might give landlords a little crack of light.

If you are a landlord that is impacted by the Florida Eviction Moratorium and need legal advice, please contact Martin Law Group. We are providing free consultations for the month of October.

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