What are the Requirements to Become a Foster Parent?

The dream and desire to become a parent is one that many have form a very young age. When that dream becomes reality, for some things don’t work out as planned and the result could place children in the care of the state. Becoming a foster parent and caring for a child that has been neglected, abused or abandoned is a special task and one that is not taken lightly. Becoming a bonus parent and role model takes a surmountable amount of responsibility, trust, stability, care and concern. There are a few requirements that one must meet before they can be considered to be a foster parent.

To qualify as a potential foster parent, you must:
• Attend an orientation.
• Complete 20 to 30 hours of foster parent training.
• Have a child abuse and criminal background check.
• Participate in a home inspection.
• Participate in a home study to review your readiness for fostering.

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