Under What Circumstances Can A Tenant Refuse To Pay My Rent?

According to Florida Statute 83.60, Florida tenants are legally permitted to have rental property that meet basic structural, safety, and health standards and is in good condition. Landlords who do not take proper care of the of important and necessary upkeep of their properties can be potential be held liable. One of the actions that a tenant may take against you is to withhold rent until what needs to be fixed is fixed.

There are a few legal requirements that need to be met before a tenant can withhold rent. One of those requirements is the tenant must provide the landlord with prior notice of their intent to withhold rent and the legal ground for withholding rent. There are specific reasons that a tenant can withhold rent, a required delivery method of notice the landlord must be given, and a statutory time frame the landlord has to fix the problems before rent can be withheld. For more details regarding the specific requirements, please refer to Florida Statutes 83.56.

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