Top 3 Real Estate Investor Resolutions For 2021

The Martin Law Group hopes you and your family have remained safe during this memorable historic 2020 year. We know it has been lifechanging for everyone as we are learning new ways to live in our world. Some of these change have drastically impacted the housing market. We have seen a slight uptick in foreclosure filings since the coronavirus pandemic and the housing prices have reached record highs. As a Real Estate Investor, have you created your 2021 Real Estate New Year’s Resolution?

As we enter 2021, we wish you the full optimism, energy, and momentum that comes with the arrival of a brand-new year! Before the ball drops, before the champagne toast, take some time to make a list of your own top real estate investor resolutions for 2021. Real Estate Investing has been said that the majority of the wealth in the United States. As we have been working with different investors, we have found many facets to real estate investing. Here are some suggestions for consideration in your real estate related resolutions:

Resolution #1: Network more, meet people, maybe even find a mentor
Resolution #2: Reset your goals to boost your personal return
Resolution #3: Laws keep changing and so hire an attorney

During this pandemic time period, the coronavirus outbreak has pushed millions and/or 52% of Americans, especially young adults, to move back in with family members. We have never seen this type of change in the history of America. They key to this pandemic process is to continue being creative with your investments. We have found that the housing equity is driving the housing market. There is so much competition and a low housing inventory that most developers are building new homes. The trend is to build where people are relocating.

We want to sincerely wish you a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. As always, we are here to help Real Estate Investors close deals. If you have any real estate related questions about your new year real estate plans, please give us a call! We are happy to discuss real estate topics even when it’s not business. We are providing free consultation for month of December.

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