Top 3 Family Law Concerns During COVID-19

When the world is practicing social distancing, families are wondering how they will handle their court cases. Lawyers around the country are receiving calls from worried parents on how or when their child will be returned to them. Some are trying to keep their child from the other parent, which violates the shared custody agreement and needs the courts help.

During this difficult time period, Martin Law Group has been providing consultation for many families that have been experiencing these 3 family legal concerns.

  1. Timesharing during COVID has present co-parenting. You should follow the court ordering for timesharing. Courts are being strict about court order. You must file a motion to make modification to your agreement.
  2. Case Filing Concerns Time Due To COVID. Courts now have been adopting digital conferencing platforms to help during the COVID. Your case should not take longer than usual. You do have the option to use mediation by video chating..
  3. Can I Speak In Court For My Child? Families maybe concerned about speaking on behave of children. Unfortunately, you can not speak on their behalf. The court will make a determination to speak to your child.

If you are a parent that needs any additional family legal assistance with your matter, contact Martin Law Group. We are providing free consultation for the month of September. We help reasonable people redefine family.

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