Struggling To Pay Child Support Due To COVID-19

As American households unemployment rates continue to increase, some individuals can’t afford paying their child support. They found themselves frustrated, angry and uncertain. During this challenging time, you should explore these legal options for modifying your child support payments.

1. Stay calm and immediately communicate with your ex-partner and try to work something out. If you just withhold your payment, the courts will not be motivated to work out an payment modification. Continue to pay as much as you can.

2. Your support payments are based on your income and assets at the time the agreement initially set. Altering your payment unless there is a material change in your ability to keep up can be a challenge. Continue to pay as much as you can.

3. Contact a Family Law Attorney for further legal advice. Many court systems and processes vary from state to state. Some jurisdictions make it easier than others to file a modification request.

Be aware that your child and spousal support obligations continue to accrue at the ordered amount unless and until the order is modified by the court. If you’re unsure about filing a child support modification in the state of Florida, contact Martin Law Group. We are providing free consultation for the month of November.


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