Should I File For Divorce During The Holidays?

Let’s be honest, no one really wants to sit home celebrating the holidays alone. Just think about sitting home carving a juicy turkey, fried chicken, collard greens, macaroni and cheese all alone. With impacts of COVID-19, the special time you spend with family this holiday season is more important than ever.

The Martin Law Group understands that reasonable people may redefine family over the holidays. We are noticing that many of our clients are playing the waiting game until their kids return to school or when the Christmas tree is wrapped up and back in the attic. Other clients suggest that delaying divorce to avoid short-term pain is going to hurt in the long-term. Honestly, experiencing a divorce is like having a surgery. Whenever you decide to file your divorce, make sure to be caring and sensitive to the exact time. We would not suggest telling your kids during the holiday season. Try and avoid tainting future positive holiday memories by struggling through current negative ones. Consider how you want to leave your legacy with your children, your family or your spouse.

So, as the holidays lights twinkle with love, the magic of the season ensues, that you celebrate your love with your family. However, if you are experiencing family law legal concerns during the holidays, you should contact Martin Law Group. Our team will help you resolve your legal matter. Just leave the headaches and stress to us and rest assured we will work vigorously to achieve your expectations. By understanding this being as an exceedingly difficult time for everyone, we are providing free consultations for the month of December.

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