Civil Litigation

We will help you find solutions, protect your interests, and assertively advocate on your behalf.


When disputes arise and litigation appears to be the only path to resolution, it is critical that you have a strong legal team behind you. Our civil litigation attorneys at the law firm of Martin Law Group, provide strategic representation in a vast array of disputes on behalf of business and individual clients.

Detailed preparation is the key to the success of any litigation matter. We will work closely with you to gain a complete understanding of the dispute and your expectations regarding the outcome. Our lawyers will thoroughly investigate your dispute to present the most compelling argument in support of your position in the case.

We have experience representing clients in a broad range of civil matters, including:

  • Lender representation in foreclosure proceedings
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Debt collection disputes
  • Construction litigation, including defect claims and contract disputes
  • Personal injury claims on behalf of injury victims

Seeking Alternatives To Litigation Whenever Possible

In almost every case, negotiating a fair resolution to a dispute is more advantageous for all concerned parties. Litigation typically takes more time, costs more money and takes control over the decision out of the disputing parties’ hands. We use a variety of pretrial strategies in an effort to resolve matters in our clients’ favor without the need for litigation. If litigation is the only option, however, you can feel confident that your case is in the hands of a capable team of respected litigators.

Legal Guidance Customized for Your Business Needs

If you are involved in a conflict or dispute that you think could lead to a civil action, you may want to contact an attorney sooner rather than later. Having quality legal advice can impact the decisions you make before you end up too far down the wrong path.

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