My Spouse Won’t Sign The Divorce Papers?

Divorce continues to become more and more common. It is never easy for anyone and the process can be even more challenging especially if your spouse refuses to sign the paperwork or participate in the proceedings. Don’t worry because a court can’t force you to stay married, so you can dissolve your marriage by stating that it is unsalvageable.

There are certain steps you can take that will meet your legal requirements. Be sure to review the paperwork you filed to initiate the divorce process. We then suggest remembering the court’s deadlines. In most cases, the first court date is considered the most important. Be sure to check for your spouse’s response to the divorce petition so you are prepared. You will need to move for default if your spouse failed to respond and continue the divorce process.

Once all your paperwork has been completed, you should always have a Divorce Attorney review just in case of errors or omissions that could affect your rights. Having an Attorney will make you feel confident that your are asset division, alimony, or issues related to your children. For more information on how our team can assist, please contact The Martin Law Group,. We can set up a free consultation to review your circumstances and determine the next steps.

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