Looking To Have A Simplified Divorce?

A simplified divorce is a simple and inexpensive means of ending a marriage for couples who meet the eligibility requirements. Some of the requirements are as follows:

  • The parties must agree that the marriage is irreconcilable.
  • The marriage can not contain any children under the age of 18 nor any children over the age of 18 who are dependent on the parents and the wife cannot be currently pregnant.
  • The couple must be a resident of the state they are filing for divorce in, for at least 6 months and they must have already planned how debts and property will be divided.

A benefit to a simplified divorce is that an attorney is not required due to resolution of all outstanding issues that would otherwise require a Court to decide. An attorney can help if one is desired, but there is no exceptional need for one. For more information on simplified divorce, refer to your local clerk of court website.

For those who know they do not qualify or unsure whether they qualify for this type of dissolution, please contact the Martin Law Group for a consultation. Helping reasonable people redefine family. Serving Polk County, Osceola County, and Orange County.

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