Landlords Unable To Collect College Students Rent

Many college students are not returning to their college campuses and many landlords are not collecting their rent. During these unprecedented times, students want to feel safe returning to college campuses but many of them don’t. So they are deciding to attended the virtual classrooms. This leaves landlords with a vacant leased property and uncollected rent. So, what does this exactly mean for a tenant and landlord?

There are very limited circumstances in which a student or tenant can legally break a lease free of penalty. Martin Law Group recommends a tenant to pay their rent in good faith. You should speak directly with your landlord about your situation to avoid any legal concerns. However, if you are looking to break a lease should keep copies of all documents and communications with their landlord.

We understand this process could be confusing because the laws have been a bit unclear and ever-changing. Continue to learn about your legal rights with your current leasing contract. We would like to help by providing you with a free consultation for the month of October. Please contact our office at or call us at (863) 949-0892.

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