Keeping Peace With A High-Conflict Co-Parent During A Pandemic

Co-parenting with a high conflict parent can be difficult even in the best times. Now with the Coronavirus pandemic, co-parenting can be even more difficult. You may become worried when the parent does not respond to your text message. The parent may also add more stress to your plate. Here are some tips that can help you.

You both can have a COVID-19 agreement. Make sure to keep the communication on the child and not your personal lives. Be smart when taking legal action. Always be sure to give yourself a mental break and not stress too much. At the end of it all, the child needs both parents and the simpler the parents make it, the less stress the child will have.

If you are an individual that is experiencing conflict while you are co-parenting, Martin Law Group can you help. We help reasonable people redefine their family. We are offering a free family law consultation for the month of April.


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