Is Florida an alimony state?

Yes, Florida is an alimony state. Alimony is when a spouse (male or female) with the larger financial resources is ordered to provide the other spouse with the financial means to support themselves until they are financially able to do it themselves. Under Florida law alimony is also known as spousal maintenance. The duration of marriage is very important when determining alimony. Marriages can be short (fewer than 7 years) Moderate (7 to 16 years) or Long term (17 or more years).

There are also several types of alimony that are reserved for various purposes. Those are:
1. Temporary alimony,
2. Bridge-the Gap alimony,
3. Rehabilitative alimony,
4. Durational alimony, and
5. Permanent alimony.

The type of alimony one may receive depends on the circumstance of individual divorce cases and are decided by a judge, if parties cannot agree. For more information on alimony, please contact the Martin Law Group. We help reasonable people redefine family in Central Florida.


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