In Florida Does a Marriage Have to Be Consummated for It to Be Legally Valid?

An annulment is a declaration made by the Court that what was previous thought of as a valid marriage, was not a marriage at all. This legal instrument puts both parties back in the legal status prior to the marriage. In Florida, very few annulments are granted. Although Florida law is very restrictive as to who is legally able to get an annulment, there are multiple grounds upon which an annulment can be granted. In the question above, depending on the reasoning of the marriage not being consummated, there is a possibility that the marriage can be annulled instead of having to a divorce. For example, sterility is not grounds for an annulment; however, impotency is grounds for annulment. All in all, annulments are granted on a case by case basis and the details of each case are very important. In this instance, there is a possibility depending on the circumstances. For more detailed information, please contact the a licensed attorney in your county.

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