In A Divorce Case, Can I Pay My Attorney with Money That I Hope to Receive in The Divorce Settlement?

There are several ways to pay an attorney depending on the nature of your case. Usually in a divorce, an attorney will collect a Retainer Fee, which is equivalent to a down payment on the expenses and services that the attorney will incur through the process. The attorney will then charge either a Fixed Rate or an Hourly Rate depending on the complexity of the divorce. With uncontested or agreed divorces, attorneys will usually charge a fixed rate.

However, if you have at complex divorce that may take some time, an attorney will opt in favor of the hourly rate. A Contingency Fee is often reserved for cases such as Personal Injury. These are cases that deal with large sums of money, in which the attorney will usually incur one-third of that amount. Contingency Fees are not disbursed to the attorney until the case in won and settled. This type of fee is not permitted in family law cases, as it can give the attorney and the client a conflict of interest regarding how they handle the case.

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