How To Properly Use The Right Deed

When considering a deed, there are two main deeds; patent deeds and conveying deeds. Patent deeds aren’t very common. They are mostly used when transferring real property from the state or federal government to individuals. Conveying deeds are the ones that are more common. Conveying deeds include Bargain & Sale, Special Warranty, and General Warranty Deeds.

A correction deed, disclaimer deed, and quit claim deed are more specialized deeds that investors will see and utilize throughout deals. A correction deed corrects an original deed. A disclaimer deed is typically used when a husband or wife releases their interest in a property. A quit claim deed is used to quickly correct titles in real estate. If in doubt, you can always contact an attorney to see which deed can and should be used. If you are a creative investor looking for immediate assistance. Feel free contacting the Martin Law Group.

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