Holiday Truths About Child Custody

The holiday season brings our families together to enjoy one another and to celebrate time-honored traditions. As a co-parent, let’s be honest, there is some stress involved with some of the family. The Martin Law Group understands reasonable people that are in the process of redefining family. You may consider spending the entire holidays alone with your kids. What happens with your parental time-sharing plan?

When parents lose sight of what should be important like creating happy memories with your children and family. Then small disagreements turn into a war of emails, phone calls, emergency hearings and can ruin the holidays for the warring parents and their children. Just because you’re divorced, it doesn’t mean you can’t spend the holidays as a family. You do not necessarily need to be best friends, but try and remain on good terms for the benefit of your children. If you are experiencing a lot of conflict with your ex, you should speak with a legal advisor to discuss your child custody case in full detailed. During the holidays, make certain you’re following your court ordered agreement. As time pass, old wounds of hurt should heal and trust should gradually be restored until you can be more flexible about child custody with each other.

If you have any child custody or time-sharing concerns, contact Martin Law Group. Our team will help you resolve your legal matter. Just leave the headaches and stress to us and rest assured we will work vigorously to achieve your expectations. This month we are offering free legal consultations for your family needs.

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