Guidance For Governing Your Homeowners Association Policy

Since the lockdown has been lifted, many individuals are beginning to things like normal. Social distancing is becoming a less and less demand. Churches, schools, clubs, gyms, etc, have opened back up to the public as well.

I would like to share some guidance to govern your homeowners community environment. Consider, limiting social gatherings in common areas. These areas can include gyms, bars, and pools. Homeowners should notify their tenants of the temporary restrictions. Homeowners can also permit their tenants to participate in meetings remotely. This will allow both parties to give their opinions on what may have changed or is changing in the future. Homeowners should also take into consideration their budget within this pandemic as times are projected to worsen.

In the end, this has been a challenging situation for everyone. If you are experiencing legal concerns within your homeowners association, please contact the Martin Law Group. We are offering free consultation for the month of September.

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