Florida Community Associations Are Adapting To COVID-19

More than ever, communication is critical and very essential to everyone in a housing community. It is important for landlords and homeowners association to choose their words carefully. Communications need to be timely and not misconstrued. What we say must be accurate and consistent. We must also be respectful and sensitive as these are unprecedented times for everyone.

If your community is deciding to open your pools when the opportunity is presented, please be sure to know the risk factors for everyone. How are you going to socially distance ones in the pools? What safety measures will you take into consideration? Are you posting important information as suggested by the CDC? All things must be considered when others are at risk.

In the end, this has been a challenging situation for everyone. If you are experiencing legal concerns within your homeowners association or community, please contact the Martin Law Group. We are offering free consultation for the month of September.

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