Experiencing “It’s Complicated” Stress? – Understanding and Eliminating the Root Cause

Are you experiencing stress from your spouse? Do you normally stress over simple things? What triggers your stress? All of these are questions that you should ask yourself when you are stressed. Stress is caused by your mind creating a thought an believing it. For example, you may tell yourself you are not happy because you are not financially stable. You begin to stress out because you are unable to pay your bills and other financial obligations. In the end, will money really cause you less stress and make you happy?

Stress can also be in a marriage. You or your spouse may think you are not good for one another or your spouse does not understand you. Once again, a thought has been made, in which you believe, and stress will take its course. Instead of thinking in a negative way, let’s turn it around. Start by saying, my spouse does understand me, or my spouse is good enough for me. It is necessary to speak positive affirmations over your marriage, your life, your kids, etc. Take the next step and start today. It’s never too late.

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