Everyone Isn’t Covered By The Eviction Moratorium

While suspension of evictions and foreclosures has been a relief for some tenants and homeowners in Orange County, it’s also caused hardship for some landlords.

There has been reports about some people exploiting the moratorium issued by Gov. Ron DeSantis and landlords dealing with tenants who are mistreating properties. DeSantis has put in place a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures through October 1, 2020 for only residential rent or mortgage holders affected by COVID-19.

The Florida eviction moratorium doesn’t keep landlords of residential properties from seeking a court judgement when there’s not a COVID-19 hardship. So, if you have a job and you lose it because of COVID. You are protected by the moratorium.

Here is a qualifying COVID-19 emergency according to the governor’s order, which includes “loss of employment, diminished wages or business income, or other monetary loss realized during the Florida State of Emergency directly impacting the ability” of someone to make mortgage payments or pay rent.

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