Enjoying Shared Custody, Timesharing, and the Holidays in Florida

As co-parents, we always look forward to the “Holiday Season” this time of year for our family and kids. We spend our time cooking, eating, playing games and loving one another. It is important to determine the best solution to any timesharing dispute, including a dispute over holiday visitation, is for the parents to work together collaboratively for the benefit of the child.

Both parents should receive shared parental responsibility unless the judge makes a finding “that shared parental responsibility would be detrimental to the child.” In the majority of cases, the judge is not going to make such a finding and is going to order shared parental responsibility for the child. The courts have a wide latitude when it comes to timesharing orders. Nevertheless, in many situations, the most important thing is to keep it simple and spend time together. Whether those situations lead to involving the courts or not, it pays to have a Family Law Attorney representing you throughout the process.

If your holiday visitation situation has become so complex that it seems like it may require litigation, you should contact Martin Law Group. We are offering free family law consultations for the month of December.

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