Child custody violation of court order, What Can I Do?

Child custody violation:

Timesharing disputes are never easy for a child. The parents cannot agree or cooperate with co-parenting. Lack of quality communication skills can make any divorce or custody battles that much more stressful. A violation of a timesharing order can only further complicate the situation. A violation of a timesharing order occurs. One party fails to comply with the terms that were set forth in the order. A violation can be can by keeping a child away from the other parent.

Child custody violation

Here are some genetic ways to handle a timesharing violation. Let’s say your child has not been returned by the other parent on time pursuant to a court. With civil assist, you have the option of contacting your local police authorities to have them assist you in retrieiving your child. Although there are several possible reasons why a civil assist may be ineffective. It is one possible tool that can be used if the two parties cannot resolve the issue on their own.

You may consider filing a motion for civil contempt of court. Child custody violation is pervasive and occurs multiple times or is a serious violation. This motion will notify the court that a violation you believe a violation has been made by the other party. You would like the Court to assist in resolving the violation. Contempt of court violations, if found by a Court, can result in a variety of sanctions including. Not limited to make-up time, stronger enforcement language, payments or attorney’s fees, and other more serious remedies. For more information about timesharing and violations of a family law court order in the Central Florida area, please contact the Martin Law Group, P.L. Helping reasonable people redefine family!!

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