Cashpads TV Show Helps Homeowners Make Passive Income

This concept is very creative as Real Estate Investors. Jordan and JoJo Fletcher, who were both recently on the show, Bacherolette, star in the show cashpads. On the show Jordan and JoJo works with homeowners who need extra income in the Dallas, Austin, and Phoenix area. They help homeowners turn their living spaces into profitable, short term vacation homes.

The couple is very passionate about helping others create a financial revenue for themselves. They hope that the show will be able to reach people who watch it and allow them to say, “I can do that too.” As an entrepreneur, this is the mindset to adapt. The show first aired on July 23, 2019 on CNBC. If you are a a creative Real Estate Investors that is looking to close real estate deals, you should contact Martin Law Group.

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