A Creative Star Wars Airbnb Just Outside of Orlando

This massive home owned by Loma Homes is just outside of Orlando. The Airbnb has five bathrooms and nine bedrooms. The uniquely decorated home was designed to resemble iconic films. The Airbnb is roughly $275 excluding other fees that may apply. You may ask yourself, “What makes this home so unique?” Here are just a few “insiders.”

The hallways are painted to give an underground tunnel affect. One bedroom is shaped like the Millennium Falcon cockpit. There is a room that has bunk beds to resemble the ship’s sleeping quarters. Each of the nine rooms has a different theme that guests will absolutely enjoy during their stay. Make your reservation today to stay at this beautiful Airbnb. If you are a creative investor and need further assistance, contact Martin Law Group. We help creative real estate investors close real estate deals.

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