5 Things a Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Do

Are you or someone you know a victim of domestic violence? There are many self-help resources available at little to no costs to help overcome. Martin Law Group is also there to help in a time of need. As a lawyer, Mr. Antonio Martin, esq. can help you get things done quicker that you may not have access to.

He can get a restraining order placed on your attacker and file a domestic violence lawsuit. Filing for divorce would be a lot easier with his help and he will also fight for you to get full custody of your child(ren). He will make certain to represent you in court and deal with the abusive party, so you will not have to.

Domestic violence can be emotionally challenging, but with the right resources, it is a wound that will heal over time. If you are an individual that is experiencing domestic violence and need immediate assistance, Martin Law Group can you help. We are currently offering a free consultations for the month of May.

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