3 Ways To Manage The Impact Of Covid-19 In A Community Association

With the Coronavirus still rapidly increasing and spreading, many community associations will need to make important adjustments. Therefore, Martin Law Group would like to share 3 recommendations for community associations to consider.

1- Consider altering your community association rules and regulations and modify operations to appropriately respond to Coronavirus.

2- A daily cleaning would be the most sufficient approach in common community areas like parks, pools, gyms, etc. Reports are now advising that the virus can live on surfaces for 3 days. Being proactive to prevent the spread is the wisest thing to do.

3- Work together and develop a coronavirus response plan is another proactive approach. Hold a video conference call meeting with your homeowners and discuss your plans. You should avoid having in person board meetings.

In the end, this has been a challenging situation for everyone. If you have any questions about your homeowners association policy, please contact the Martin Law Group. We are offering free consultation for the month of December.

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