3 Things To Consider When You Survived From Domestic Violence

When leaving an abusive relationship, it’s a highly personal, individual decision. The Martin Law Group helps support survivors on the path to finding a place of safety. Our Domestic Violence Attorney, Antonio Martin, esq. has provided 3 legal suggestions you should consider if you have experienced domestic violence.

1. Make sure you get a protection order against the abuser as soon as possible. Many victims of domestic violence fail to seek a protective order because of many concerns. A protective order prohibits the abuser from making contact, coming within a certain distance of the victim, or possessing firearms.

2. File a domestic violence lawsuit with the court. Survivors of domestic violence experience medical expense from sustain injuries. A domestic violence lawsuit is a civil lawsuit that allows a victim of domestic violence to recover for any financial loss, or pain and suffering caused by the domestic violence.

3. If kids are involved, you should get full custody of your kids. If the abuser is also a parent of your children, a domestic violence attorney can help you understand your custody options of your child as well as establishing child support plans.

If you are an survivor that needs further legal assistance, we would like to represent you. We will be your advocate in court, obtain and complete the required documents, and deal with the opposing side throughout the legal process. We are offering a free consultations for the month of October. We help reasonable people redefine family.

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