3 Family Law Trends During A State-wide Lockdown

Is Florida heading back into a statewide lockdown? From reviewing CDC’s COVID-19 data tracker, it appears that there’s no stopping this second wave of coronavirus despite a bundle of new rules designed for control. Regardless of what is really happening this year, The Martin Law Group observed 3 trends from our previous lockdown experiences that brought forth family legal challenges during the course of this pandemic.

Within the area of family law, we are seeing an increase in domestic violence, increase in divorce rates, and increase in child custody case. Couples can often experience more disagreements with additional stress all from the pandemic. A positive outcome from this past lockdown has created parties to consider alternative options to the traditional court process to resolve their dispute. That’s why The Martin Law Group is able to provide legal assistance with new processes to help couples with dispute resolutions online and virtual court hearings.

If you are experiencing family law legal concerns, you should contact Martin Law Group. Our legal team will help you resolve your legal matter. Just leave the headaches and stress to us and rest assured we will work vigorously to achieve your expectations. By understanding this being as an exceedingly difficult time for everyone, we are providing free consultations for the month of December.

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