Is There A Difference Between Squatter’s Rights and Adverse Possession?

Adverse possession entails the open, continuous, and peaceful dwelling of a piece of land. If someone is living in a building, and it is not known or cannot be visibly seen, or they are not present in the domicile at all times, the occupancy isn’t open and continuous. Adverse possession in opposition with squatters, also requires the occupant to improve upon the land and not litter or destroy it. Though they may be very similar, the intention of someone who would like to take adverse possession of land or a domicile is to improve upon, live in and creating a home-like environment for themselves.

There are many requirements for a valid adverse possession claim in Florida, including:

  • Hostile claim. 
  • Actual possession. 
  • Open and notorious possession. 
  • Continuous possession. 
  • Tax and title. 
  • Improvements.