What Happens If A Parent Does Not Pay Court Ordered Child Support?

Child Support is one of the most common and most enforced areas of family law. When parents get divorced or two parents engage in a custody lawsuit, one of the most important decisions that is made is who the child(ren) will reside with. Most commonly the non-custodial parent will be subject to child support by order of the court. Failure to pay allotted amount of child support on-time can result in several consequences in Florida. If the noncustodial parent is not paying theordered support, the custodial parent can file a motion for civil contempt and the judge willdetermine if there is a valid violation. If a violation is confirmed by the judge, they will hold the noncustodial parent in contempt. If found in contempt there are several penalties that can be faced, such as:
 Wage Garnishment
 Seizure of Income Tax Refund
 Suspended Drivers License/Professional License
 Prize Winning Seizure
 Seizing of Assets
 Placed in Collections
 Passport Revoked
 Incarceration